Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine that can be useful for many first aid situations as well as acute and chronic conditions.

There are thousands of Homeopathic Remedies available, but when The Right Remedy is taken, under the supervision of The Right Homeopath, that's when the true transformative effect of Homeopathy can be experienced.


At The Right Remedy Homeopathy we are all about individuality. We know that everyone is different and therefore everyone's needs are different.  Our aim therefore, is to empower all our clients to follow their own unique pathway towards health and well-being.

We offer consultations for acute, and chronic conditions as well as a FREE, preliminary chat with Jo to find out if Homeopathy is right for you and your family.

Level 4 COVID alert -
Consultations are available during Level 4 lockdown - via Zoom or phone. 

Where To Find Us 

The Right Remedy Homeopathy Clinic is located in Papamoa Beach, Tauranga with free private parking available.

Consultations are also available on-line via Skype or Zoom for easy accessibility.



A selection of Homeopathic Kits are available to order from The Right Remedy Homeopathic Clinic at $40 per kit (plus $3.50 p&p):

First Aid Kit 
Sleep Kit 
Birthing Kit
Sports Injuries Kit
Children's Kit
Travel Kit
Hayfever Kit

Each kits contain 11 of the most commonly required Homeopathic remedies for each of these situations.

Go to 'Shop'  for further details.

Please contact Jo to place your order. 




A selection of Homeopathic remedies are available to order from The Right Remedy Homeopathic Clinic at $15.

Go to 'Shop' for details.

Please contact Jo to place your order. 




Please contact Jo Owens to book a consultation or FREE preliminary chat to find out more about Homeopathy and how it can help you.


M: 021 959 838

Our Clinic Location
The Right Remedy Homeopathy Clinic
9 Emma Place
Papamoa Beach
Papamoa 3118
New Zealand

Consultations are also available via Zoom and Skype. 
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I came to see Jo about a back injury I had, and the results were outstanding. She made the whole process very easy for me with clear instructions on how to take the remedy too. Soon after taking the remedy I noticed my overall mood had improved and I felt motivated along with my physical injury being alot better. I can't thank Jo enough for her excellent expertise and professionalism

— Jen B, Papamoa
I highly recommend Jo, she is such a beautiful healing person who has helped me in so many amazing ways. Not only myself but my whole family have benefitted from Jo.

— Susan J. Papamoa
Jo was recommended to me by a friend and I am really pleased that I went to see her and gave Homeopathy a try.
I found Jo very easy to talk to and I was impressed at how thorough she was during the consultation.
Homeopathy has really helped with my allergies and my energy levels have improved as well! Thanks Jo!

- Paula H. Tauranga



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