Consultations are available by appointment at The Right Remedy Clinic in Papamoa.

On-line consultations are also available via Zoom and Skype, WhatsApp for greater accessibility. 

Please contact Jo to arrange a consultation or FREE preliminary chat to see how Homeopathy can help you and your family.

Consultation Fees

Free Chat : Please request a free chat (5-15mins) if you want to find out more about Homeopathy and how we can help you and your family before you commit to a consultation.

Acute Conditions (short term, sudden illness or injury) Allow 30 minutes
  • Adult : $30
  • Child : $20

Chronic Conditions (has been present for 6 weeks or more,  shows little or no sign of improvement, is worsening or experiencing frequent flare-ups) 

First Consultation (allow 1½ to 2 hours):            
  • Adult: $120
  • Student/community card holder $90
  • Child (12 and under): $90
Follow-up Consultation (allow 30 mins to 1hr):        
  • Adult $90
  • Student/community card holder $60 
  • Child (12 and under) $60
Your health is important to us! Please call to discuss payment options if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

The Right Remedy Homeopathy