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The Initial Consultation

Information gathering: The Homeopathic approach to healing is holistic and individualised in order to find out about all your symptoms and also about you as a unique individual.

This means that during your consultation, your Homeopath will want to ask you many questions. They will focus initially on the main symptoms that have prompted you to book a consultation, but they will also ask you about any other symptoms you may suffer from, both past and present.

They will also gather information about you as a person, i.e. your personality, your likes and dislikes, your fears and dreams etc. and also your life experiences and family’s medical history.

Individualisation: We ask you to allow 1 to 2 hours for your initial consultation so that your Homeopath can get a full picture of you, in your uniqueness and individuality, on a physical, emotional and mental level.

This allows them to identify each of your symptoms and the unique way in which you express them. For example, a Homeopath my have two clients who suffer from frequent headaches. One client may feel pain behind their eyes which comes on in the morning and is sharp and stabbing, and feels much worse when they are lying down. The other client may feel their headaches in the temples as a dull, throbbing pain which is worse in the evening but feels much better when they lie down. Although both clients suffer from frequent headaches, their individual symptoms are very different so they will require totally different remedies, and what may work beautifully for one person may have no effect whatsoever on another person.

The Right Remedy (Simillimum)

The reason for this extensive information gathering is to allow the Homeopath to ascertain a holistic understanding of each client and their entire symptom picture. This then enables them to identify the The Right Remedy (referred to in Homeopathy as the ‘Simillimum’) for each client at each stage of their healing journey, out of over 5000 different existing remedies.

It is when The Right Remedy is selected and taken under the supervision of The Right Homeopath, that the true transformative effect of Homeopathy can be experienced.

Your Safe Place: Please note that this is a safe space for you to share your story and be heard without judgement. You will not be forced to talk about anything you do not wish to share. All your information will be held in strict confidence.

What’s Next?

Follow-Up Consultation: Your Homeopath will book an appointment with you to return for a follow-up consultation within a time frame that is relevant to your individual case (usually 2-4 weeks).

This is an essential part of the process as it will allow the Homeopath to identify the effectiveness of the remedy and to make any necessary adjustments to your treatment.

It is common for a client to believe that there have been no changes after taking the prescribed remedy, but it is only after the Homeopath compares the full list of original symptoms with the current symptom picture that the client realises that there have been some major shifts on many levels.

Are There Any Side Effects of Homeopathy? There are no ‘Side Effects’ per se of Homeopathy but sometimes old symptoms may return as you move through the different levels of healing. This is ok and is part of the healing journey and these symptoms should only be short lived. It is, however, important to contact your Homeopath should anything arise that causes you any concern.

Your Current Medication: Please note that homeopathy does not replace standard medicine. Do not discontinue any current medication without prior consultation with your G.P. and Homeopath and please see your G.P. in an emergency.

Your Individual Healing Journey

There can often be many layers that need addressing in order to restore balance and health such as emotional issues, physical injuries, and inherited weaknesses.

Homeopathy can help remove blockages and support you to move through all the layers on a gradual journey back to wellness.

The time that it takes to move through these layers varies within each individual and is dependent upon many different factors such as the length of time for which you have been unwell, your age, the type of illness you have, the severity of the symptoms, the previous treatments you have received and the current medications you are on.

You may well need several different remedies along the way or you may start to feel great improvement after just one remedy.

This why the follow-up process of Homeopathy is of such great importance as it helps guide you along your individual journey.

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